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Foreman & Katello 2.x Full Setup Guide - Part 3

In this final part of the Foreman & Katello setup guide I’ll finish what was planned! I’m sorry if I’m late but I had a lot of work to finish! Thanks to S. Kerr, D. Baker, P. Klassen, A. Salgado & D. De Jager for their support and feedbacks! I really appreciated your emails guys and if you check the previous guides (part 1 and 2) I corrected the mistakes.

Foreman & Katello 2.x Full Setup Guide - Part 2

In this second part I’ll explain how to: Creation of the Katello Client Product (or another Product) Configuration of Ansible, Puppet and Remote Execution in the third part I’ll explain how to: Configuration of VMWare and virt-who Configuration of Provisioning Provisioning of new server and KickStart configuration Configuration of OpenSCAP Final Setup Creation of Katello Product As written in the first article, I added the Katello repository to my servers registered to Foreman, so I’m using an external repository and now I want to use an internal one, as the same of EPEL.

Foreman & Katello 2.x Full Setup Guide - Part 1

Foreman is one of my favourite sysadmin tools, it’s described as a complete lifecycle management tool for physical and virtual servers. We give system administrators the power to easily automate repetitive tasks, quickly deploy applications, and proactively manage servers, on-premise or in the cloud and, very important, it’s an open source software (or better a bunch of software). It’s the real evolution of Spacewalk and the free version of Red Hat Satellite (who is Foreman based - yes, we’re Red Hat Satellite testers).

Hugo + LoveIt Theme + GDPR & Cookie Policy

I use and like the LoveIt theme for Hugo, it was developed outside EU/UK and they are lucky because they don’t need to show the stupid Cookies/GDPR banner in every website. There are a lot of pages who explain how to add the banner but…no one for the LoveIt Theme. Working around and as a workaround I finally catch how to. I use iubenda as cookie and consent solution for the GDPR, it works and - for my website without any sort of cookies - it’s enough.

Some NGINX config files

During the years I wrote, copied and lost a lot of configuration files for the nginx webserver. I collected here some useful config, maybe now they are no more useful or incomplete. They were used ages ago or into an internal/soho network without troubles, maybe today something is changed on account of really bad software changes (eg. wordpress) and it’s no more safe/complete. To have a proper certificate move to Certbot.

A mailserver with Postfix & Dovecot

I migrated a mailserver from an old-proprietary-stupid mailserver to Postfix, Dovecot, Spamassassin and Clavam antivirus etc etc. Sometimes internet is full of informations, sometimes internet give me some tips and sometimes - apparentely - no one is having my problems. I wrote a guide - step by step - useful to configure a mail server in a real working environment with these features: Postfix & Dovecot as MTA/MDA with TLS/SASL and IMAP/POP3/SMTP Postfix manage RBL, Black List, DNSBL and header check Postgrey manage greylisting Spamassassin for filter spam Clamav as antivirus Sieve for filtering email messages Postfixadmin as web-based front end for Postfix (with a mysql database & nginx) Roundcube as web-based IMAP email client SPF and firewall configuration will not be covered.